Comprehensive Lice Removal & Prevention
At Lice Essentials, we specialize in treating lice infestations in schools, day care centers, camps, dorms, nursing homes, hotels, office buildings and homes. Our all natural lice products work on contact to kill adult lice and nymphs and to destroy the nit glue that makes lice eggs so difficult to remove.

Services Provided
When it comes to eliminating lice, we take a comprehensive approach and treat the entire premises, not just the affected area. Our comprehensive elimination and prevention treatment includes the following:

  • Bagging all lice infested laundry, linens and dry cleaning
  • HEPA vacuuming throughout the infested premises
  • Steam cleaning and shampooing of carpets, rugs and upholstery
  • Deep cleaning of all surfaces
  • Lice extermination using safe and effective products
  • Lice Prevention

The Products We Use
Lice Essentials is revolutionizing the industry with our all natural enzyme-based products. Enzymes are safe, non-toxic and more effective than pesticides. Other cleaners and exterminators struggle to eliminate lice infestations because they use toxic pesticides to which lice have become immune. Lice are immune to pesticides due to improper and over use. Over time, they have adapted to the poison so it becomes less effective. They cannot become immune to enzymes, however, because enzymes are naturally occurring and needed for normal function.

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Eliminates head lice and their nits using all natural ingredients. Contains no messy oils or
toxic pyrethrins like Rid or Nix...