From Nicole Levine, President of Lice Essentials:

As the mother of three young children and owner of a cleaning business, I began researching lice treatments several years ago. Over the course of several days, I learned that conventional lice shampoos use pesticides as their active ingredients. I also learned that children are extremely susceptible to the adverse effects of pesticides, even in very small doses because:

  • Blood vessels in the scalp are close to the skin and allow toxins to be more easily absorbed
    into the bloodstream.
  • Children (and adults) with asthma can have severe reactions to pesticides
  • Pesticides in lice shampoos can be harmful to skin and eyes

The more I read, the more concerned I became about putting a lice product with pesticides on my children's heads. I decided to find out how I could eliminate lice naturally without harming my children.
I learned that non-toxic products were the most effective way to kill lice. But even after countless hours researching non-toxic shampoos and products that kill lice, I could not find a product I would be comfortable using on my own children. With the assistance of a world class team of lice experts we were able to create the full line of all natural Lice Essentials products. They provide the safe, effective, all-natural way to eliminate lice and nits.

Although Lice Essentials Shampoo and Mousse aid in the elimination of adult lice, more importantly they dissolve nit glue. As any parent who has struggled with a lice infestation knows, the nits are harder to remove than the adults. That's because pesticides don't work on the nits. The enzymes in Lice Essentials, however, work to eat away at the glue the nits use to cling to the hair shaft. This allows for an almost complete removal of all adult lice, nymphs and nits with one use.

All of my lice removal products are:
  • Made from naturally occurring organic compounds
  • Non-toxic and pesticide-free
  • Safe for pregnant and nursing women, small children and pets
  • Gentle pH balanced formulas
Eliminates head lice and their nits using all natural ingredients. Contains no messy oils or
toxic pyrethrins like Rid or Nix...